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Saral PayPack – The Complete Payroll Solution

The Performance Appraisal‐Payroll is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the process of paying employees for services rendered, after processing of the various requirements for withholding of money from the employee for payment of payroll taxes, insurance premiums, employee benefits, garnishments and other deductions.

In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions. Today, the requirements are manifold like, Muster Roll and Salary slips, Statutory compliance, automation of pay advises, Income Tax Computation, deduction of TDS from Salaries and host of MIS reports including Attendance interface.
Need for Payroll
The task of payroll becomes complicated in today’s industries due to multiple statutory requirements, MIS requirements, calculations based on slabs, formulas and other HR policies.

Being Payroll as one of the important task of HR, the opportunities are growing rapidly for the position of HR and it is necessary for everyone who is dreaming of a HR job or for the position of an Accountant in a company or firm to study the entire process of Payroll.

Saral PayPack – The Complete Payroll solution

Saral Pay Pack has its pride as the first large scale Vertical solution from Relyon. This package is a simple yet, an exclusive package for maintaining and calculating salaries of employees at different levels of different companies. The package also helps in generating various reports including statutory forms.

Saral PayPack, The complete payroll solution make this complicated function of HR look much easier. The software is user‐friendly, with user‐definable preferences like Salary Heads and Salary structures, huge library of periodical statutory reports required under PF & ESI, TDS Law, Advance Register, Leave Register, flexible reporting and many more.

The Features of Saral PayPack Includes:

> Flexible salary definition with formula/slab etc.,> Integration with Attendance Monitoring Systems
> Data Importing & Interface with Excel for Import & Export of Various data> Custo
mization facility of Reports & Salary Heads to suit the needs
> Capable of handling of ESI, PF & PT processing / Reporting> Flexible definition of working days / holida
ys depending on leave groups
> Complete leave management
> HR details Management
> TDS Computation, eTDS Generation & Printing of TDS certificates and Returns
> Exporting Salary details to Accounting Software
> Network Compatible Client Server Architecture
> Wide list of printable Reports


Monthly Reports
  • Salary Sheet
  • Pay Slip
  • Bank Statement
  • Attendance Details
  • Salary Abstract
  • Overtime Report
  • Additional payments / Deduction Report
  • Hold Salary Report
  • Variance Statement
 Employee Related Reports
  • Employee Details
  • Contact Details
  • Date Related Report
  • Plus several HR Details Report
 Statutory Reports
  • PF Report
  • ESI Report
  • PT Report
  • Bonus Report
  • Gratuity Report
  • TDS Report
Additional Reports
  • Advance
  • Leave
  • Salary Certificate
  • Open Salary Certificate

Advantages of Saral PayPack

  • Database Choice
  • Locking Month
  • Holding Salary
  • HR Function
  • Month Creation
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Calendar and much more….