Time & Attendance Solutions

Time & Attendance Solutions

Complete Solution for Time and Attendance Management

Objectives of Time and Attendance

  • Capturing of Attendance of Employees through Online, Real Time Bases automatically through Bio-metric Device or any Time & Attendance Devices.
  • Advantage for respective Team Leader to view his members In and Out Attendance details, where he can generate  reports on Late Coming, Early Going.
  • Tracking of Attendance of employee working in different Location Department and Shifts.
  • Advantage to calculate Over Time with defined parameters.
  • Management Information on Head Count Availability

Shift Management

  • Creation of different  kinds of shifts where we can capture the  Start and End Time of Shift.                                 
  • Option to enter the Lunch Time  of the shift
  • Option to set Over Time Calculation
  • Option to capture  Break Time

Shift Pattern

  • Assigning different type of shift working for a particular Week or month  for employee can be created.

Bus Route Master

  • Capturing of Pickup Time and Place  of employees if they are coming in companies vehicle

Employee Information

  • Capturing Employee details like Name, Department, Designation, etc
  • Assigning of Shift to Employee, in which we can set whether employee will be having Fixed Shift or Rotating Shift( working in different shifts every week) and at what Constant  Days the  Shift changes. Over Time calculation settings. 
  • Settings on Time Loss to company applicable on Employees
  • Dress Code, Shoes Size, Bus Router

Employee Summary

  • Details of Employee like Employee Profile, Salary Details, Leave Summary,  Arrears, HR Details, Bonus, Reimbursement, etc can be viewed

In Out Time Calculation

  • Processing of In and Out time of employees captured in Bio-metric Device and porting the details in Online Module

Temporary shift change

  • Temporary shifting of employees from their current shift to different shift due to some emergency or in absence of employees where required work should not come to halt.

Manual Attendance Entry

  • Updating the Attendance of Employees manually due to some Break Down Management in case if employees attendance is not captured in Attendance Device.

Late Coming/Early Going Reason

  • Option to enter the reasons for Late Coming of employees in genuine cases like if employees are travelling in company busses and bus is late
  • Option to enter the reason for Early Leaving of employee if so he has taken approval form his Team Leader 

Over Time Approval/Rejection

  • Approval/Rejection of Over Time of employees by  Team Leader to their respective team members

House Keeping

  • Time and Attendance Setting:- Settings on coming late by employees based on Shift or employee wise, for which action to be taken by management either by deducting his/her leaves or marking as absent.
  • Settings on allowing the employees for coming late to office for a fixed no of days, and action to be taken if limit is exceeded
  • Employee Settings:- Settings on Leave and Weekly OFF consideration. (If 15th August falls on Sunday it should be considered as Leave or W/O)
  • Time Loss Details:- Settings on Late Coming minutes, Early Going minutes to employees.
  • Over Time Details:- Settings to be done after how many minutes the OT starts once the shift is completed. Option to enter grace time for OT.

Employee Shift Details

  • Option to track in which shift the employees are working in a particular month


  • Attendance Muster Book: - Detailed Report of employees attendance, including W/O, Leave, Holiday, LOP.
  • Shift Details Report:- Report on How many shifts are created along with respective Time
  • Report on W/O Present :-  Lists all employees who have worked on W/O
  • Late Coming Report:-  Generation of employees who all are late( Period wise)
  • Daily IN and OUT Report.
  • Loss of Hours Report
  • Head Count Report (Department / Location Online)
  • Loss of Hours Report
  • OT Report
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Defaulters Report
  • Loss of Days Report
  • Daily Performance Report 
  • Available Manpower
  • And Many more……

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